32 years old Naveen was all set to change his base from Bangalore to Mumbai to take up the great job opportunity came in his way. He was all excited to take up the new challenge in his career. Same time, he was equally anxious about changing the base to another city which may need a lot of planning. Finding a house, getting things changed in the record, shifting the household and list is long lasting. His main worry was to transfer the car from Bangalore to Mumbai.

Like Naveen, there are many people who may face this problem while changing base for better prospects. Vehicle transfer and re-registration when moving to a new state may seem complex. But with the proper understanding of the process, you can make it a smooth transition. Here is what you need to do if you are moving your vehicle from one state to another permanently.

Vehicle transfer and re-registration is a multi-layer process. Below are the steps to be followed

  • Interstate Transfer NOC from Bank:

In case you have taken a car loan from a bank, you need to contact your respective bank branch to obtain bank hypothecation clearance certificate or No objection certificate for interstate transfer. You may have to submit the relevant documents such as address proof and document supporting relocation reason, etc. Your request will be validated after verification.

  • Apply for NOC from RTO where your Car is registered

Next step is to apply for NOC from RTO for interstate transfer of vehicle. It can be applied by submitting below documents:

  • RTO Form 27, 28 in 3 copies (it’s an application request form for NOC for interstate vehicle transfer)
  • No objection certificate from police for traffic clearance – stating there are no offence and no dues pending against your vehicle.
  • NOC obtained from the bank
  • Certificate of registration
  • Insurance policy documents
  • Engine Chassis Imprint
  • Pollution under Control Certificate
  • Tax Receipt
  • NOC from NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau) that there is no crime or theft involved. Click here to get this certificate online
  • Your ID and address proof

Once you obtain the no objection certificate you are good to migrate. You can now drive down or transfer your car through car transporters. Once you move in to the new state with your car, you need to get your car re-registered in that particular state. A new registration number will be issued for your car. Your new registration and re-registration process begins.

  • Keep the Documents Ready

Before you visit the RTO of your current state, you need to keep below set of documents handy

  • NOC obtained from RTO for interstate transfer
  • In case there is a bank hypothecation, NOC from bank
  • Original documents of your vehicle such as RC book, smart card, insurance documents, PUC or emission test certificate etc.
  • Your car’s original invoice (this is important as the road tax amount will be calculated based on this)

  • Visit RTO for Re-registration

Last leg of the process is to visit the RTO for making road tax payment and re-registration of your car. Road tax as per the state norms will be calculated on the invoice value (after factoring in depreciation). Once you make the road tax payment, submit below set of documents at RTO for re-registration

  • Re-registration Form which can be downloaded online
  • Enclose copy of your ID proof, PAN Card, driver’s license and proof for new local address. Photograph and any other requirement as specified by local RTO
  • Original vehicle documents such as smart card, Registration certificate, Pollution under control certificate, insurance policy documents, Chassis imprint of your car and original invoice of the vehicle.
  • NOC for interstate transfer obtained from previously registered RTO
  • Copy of road tax payment receipt

After submitting these documents to RTO, you will get the new registration number within a few weeks. No need to worry about the road tax initial paid in the previous state. You can place a request for refund once you have successfully registered your vehicle in the new state.


To conclude, interstate car transfer and re-registration is not that complex if you know the process. Just that you should be aware of the process flow for smooth move. Remember, you do not need to re-register your vehicle in the new state if your stay is temporary say about less than a year. Follow the process to experience the hassle-free transit.