April 8, 2020 Life's too short to drive boring cars

Plates Just Like in the Movies

While I was watching a movie one day, I noticed that one of the characters had a plate on their car with short funny message. I thought it would be cool to have one of those. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to install it on my car for legal reasons, but I would be able to display it at home. I looked on the Internet for a company that had experience with building show plates to custom orders, and came across one that did not only show plates, but regular plates that are legal to put on a car as well.

I ended up buying two show plates, one based on the plate that I saw in the movie, and another one that had a different short message on it. I figured that the plates would make a good conversation piece whenever anyone saw them in my home. Anyone who has seen the movie that I watched will get the reference to one of the plates. I thought about getting a trophy case to display them, but I think they will do just fine hanging on the wall like some kind of modern art at an exhibit.

I’ve been thinking about getting a few more plates. There are some more movie replicas that I would like to get made, but there are also some other reasons why I would like more. I can give some to my friends as presents for their birthdays or some other occasion. There are special dates that would only be significant to my friends and I, and the perfect way to remember them would be with show plates with the dates printed on them. I could even give one to my parents when it’s time to celebrate their wedding anniversary. This year will be their 55th anniversary, and they would love it.