April 3, 2020 Life's too short to drive boring cars

A Unique Way to Sell Custom Plates

My son is in the marching band and the booster club is always looking for new ideas for fundraising. They take one big annual trip and the more money we can raise through fundraising the less it costs for each member of the band. At one our brainstorming sessions somebody suggested that maybe we could sell custom show plates from https://www.theplateman.net/custom-show-plates/. This was a very unique idea that warrants us to look into it a little bit further. I was given the task of going on a fact-finding mission to see if this was even possible.

The first thing I did was go to the website with my notepad at my side. I figured I should see what they had to offer before I contacted the company directly. While navigating around their website, I noticed that there were two different types of plates. The number plates are road legal and the show plates are not. We will definitely have to go with the show plates because we can not assume the responsibility and legalities with number plates. After narrowing it down to show plates only, I found out since these would be for display only, and not road legal, there were no restrictions as to the size, color, text, font, badges, or borders. This really opens up the possibilities for creating a personalized show plate. As I was finding all of this information, I was writing it down on my notepad for quick reference.

After gathering all of the pertinent information to what we were looking for I decided it was time to contact the company directly. Calling them was my first choice but figured it would be better to send them an email so that all of the communication would be documented. This way it would be a whole lot easier to report back to the fundraising committee. I now just have to wait for a response from the company.