Top Reasons Why Hiring The Cheapest Moving Company is Bad Idea

Top Reasons Why Hiring The Cheapest Moving Company is Bad Idea

You’re about to move soon and you need to hire a moving company, money is tight and it looks like the best option available is to hire the cheapest. The price and the idea of saving extra money do seem appealing but often the reality of it all can be totally different.

Before you decide to hire any company, here are a few reasons to avoid hiring cheap moving companies to save you from inconvenience and uncomfortable situations.

1. Misleading with the services they provide

You will find in the moving industry that once you begin to compare moving quotes, especially for interstate removalists that moving house and car is an expensive business. The operation of a moving truck along with professional skilled and trained labour, the proper insurance and business license and fuel to cover long distance relocation are all overheads that any moving company needs to cover before they see any profit. Now if you are moving a house full of contents from one location to another, you are filling up the entire truck and requiring the service of many skilled movers to perform the job in a timely manner. Moving businesses that provide cheap quotations, especially those that significantly quote under the average should be a concern. They may not be as upfront with their costs as others, they may try to deceive or mislead the customer by claiming on hidden fees that weren’t disclosed. Storage fees, return to depot fees or even claiming that items occupied more space than expected. This is where they can take advantage and recoup profits from an initial cheap quotation.

2. Cheap prices are enticing

This is actually one of the most important things when it comes to hiring such companies. Initially, most people just compare prices and assume everything else is the same. How hard is it to move from point A to point B? What could possibly go wrong? The problem is that when you only focus on the price that is in front, you are already consciously working out how much you are saving compared to the last company that quoted you. “Well if I save $500, it could be put towards a new fridge in the new house or maybe pay off the car service that is coming up”. This mindset is why people instantly think they will save money and the problem with moving household goods is solved.

Behind the good prices there is a lack of trust, professionalism and good service. These companies are aware that they have to point out their ‘’good’’ price as it is their only forte. When it’s too good to be true there must be something that they will charge extra or your goods will arrive damaged or not at all.

3. Lacking in manpower, trucks and equipment

Usually employees of these kinds of companies are without experience, are seasonal workers or even students. Most of them are not trained professionals and they will not care much for the goods they transport and carry. Also, they don’t spend the time packing and wrapping the goods properly and safely so many times the furniture or other items get damaged in transport. Perhaps because they quoted a low price they feel the need to rush through jobs to get onto the next. It is no surprise that they will pick up your goods in old trucks that don’t have the basic necessities like a tailgate lift, instead they try to lift all ítems, even fragile ítems awkwardly onto the truck whilst causing damage. Beside this, there is a lack of professional moving equipment causing the move to take longer and result in extra hourly rates.

4. Customer service

When it comes to communication, service is usually poor or perhaps they are difficult to understand. They don’t answer the emails or calls and this can cause you stress when it is moving day and you’re unsure if the movers are going to turn up. Complaints handling is virtually non-existent and if you do complain, it can often lead you into an uncompromising position, a last minute cancelation or dealing with an irate owner of the business. When you refuse to pay for the bad service or you request a refund for the damaged goods, it so happens that they blackmail you by refusing to deliver all of the goods, charge you for storage they longer they hold your items or do other maneuvers to avoid losing the money.