Dubai Cheap Car Rental Guide

Dubai Cheap Car Rental Guide
Dubai Cheap Car Rental Guide

Most of the tourists who visit Dubai and even some residents who live there feel that renting a car in Dubai is a better choice than using taxis or public transport; there are dozens of cheap car rental in Dubai and they provide  mostly to business travelers and short-term guests, while long-term rentals are accessible from most car rental companies.

Dubai is a city that is best experienced on wheels; the city is built for cars, as most major roads are kept in excellent condition. Apart from the experience of driving on clean wide roads here are several other benefits to cheap car rental and monthly car rental Dubai.

Travel budgeting for a cheap car rental and monthly car rental in Dubai.

Renting a car makes it relatively easy to visit nearby Emirates.

  • The risks of road accidents might increase dramatically while driving in a foreign country. If you ever encounter an accident while driving a rental car, the police will report the incident and the compensation of payments will be  made to the rental agency (provided you have all the correct legal documents and insurance policy) which will save you the burden of having to deal with it.
  • Most citizens here are satisfied with their cars and many luxury cars are available at rental agencies; if driving a Bentley or a Rolls-Royce is expensive for you, then there is no better place to find one than here in cheap car rental Dubai.

Driving License Requirements for cheap rental and monthly car rental in Dubai

There are lots of rules and regulations that are important to visitors who want to drive a car in Dubai; unfortunately, there are a lot of official resources and websites that provide contradictory information. So here is a summary of the most current laws.

  • The majority of the world’s  country passport as well as those from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC) including Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, can drive a rental car with their own home country’s driving license.
  • If you are from a country other than the ones listed above, you need to obtain a valid International Driving Permit (IDP). The IDP and the driving license must be issued from the same country and should be kept with you while driving.
  • UAE visitors cannot drive a private vehicle, they can only drive rental cars with proper license and insurance coverage. Visitors from the countries listed above can apply for a temporary driver’s license valid for 6 months, which permits them to legally drive a privately owned car. The process is relatively fast and the license can be obtained for a small fee with the proper documents on the same day. However, there may be some other rules if you drive to another Emirate or cross the border to another country.
  • Upon obtaining a UAE residence visa, you will be no longer permitted to drive with an international license and you must apply for a UAE driving license.

Checklist for renting cheap rental and monthly car rental in Dubai

Cheap rental and monthly car rental Dubai can be booked online before your arrival and can be picked up from the car rental agency at the airport. As in any country, make sure that you have all your documents and that the car has been thoroughly inspected before you drive off with it. Below are a few steps that can help your driving experience pleasant:

  • Carefully check your insurance documents if they cover rental cars and if they do not, then it is important that you extend the insurance for an additional fee to have a peace of mind when driving on the roads of Dubai.
  • Check all the features of your car and notify the rental agency of any scratches or defects. These should be indicated on the rental agreement so you will not be liable for any damages not caused by you.
  • Before driving the car, check the gas gauge and see if the car must be returned with a full gas tank.
  • Check with your rental agency for timing and delay fees. Most rental agencies provide an additional allowance of a few hours above the return time for which you will not be charged more.

Once the procedures have been completed just enjoy the ride in Dubai’s roads (particularly if you love speed), which is one of the reasons monthly car rental Dubai are doing so well despite the difference in client’s choice.