Get to know the MotoGP Racing Shirt

Get to know the MotoGP Racing Shirt

The MotoGP season is entering the final series. If flashback from the start of the race, the riders often experience problems, including falling off the track during the race.

Talking about safety, this prestigious motorcycle race is indeed full of risk. The reason is, the motor can be accelerated around the corner with speeds above 100 km/hour. If you are looking for racing suits of the highest quality, you can buy them at motorcycle clothing sale UK.

But did you know, every race event, riders have to use special equipment or racing suits as safety?

The equipment used is embedded with high technology that is safe and remains comfortable to wear during racing. The total weight of a racing suit is approximately 4.5 kg. The material used is cowhide or kangaroo, with different measurements for each racer in pre-season. The thickness between 1.2-1.4 mm.

Racing suits are made with an additional hump that is useful for supporting the helmet when it falls. Part as a microprocessor that regulates the cooling suit racing suit. There is also a drinking water reserve. This hump part is made of Kevlar fiber. Useful effectively.

The stitches carried out for each material are repeated many times. Especially in some parts that are prone to impact with more stitches. Other important parts are the knees, elbows, and shoulders. All parts of the racing suit are coated with a special thick thermoplastic that is hard in the inside, but soft outside. This section serves to reduce the impact.

MotoGP racing suits are also equipped with airbags that protect the upper body. Airbags will expand approximately 4 to 5 cm if the driver falls and the sensors found on the hump function.

Lastly is a matter of airflow. If you look closely, the racing suit of the MotoGP racer will look for holes in the front and back. It makes the rider still feel comfortable during the race.

Helmet Usage Tips

Although the shape of helmets is different, for those of you who want to buy a helmet, it’s a good idea to buy with a certification that is in line with global standards. Choosing a helmet is a good idea that fits the size of the head. Not too small or too big. If it is too small, it will be uncomfortable, and some even feel pain when used. Meanwhile, if it is too big, then the helmet feels swaying. In addition to disturbing, the risk of a helmet can be turned away so that obstruct the view or detached.

Do not forget, if you use a helmet make sure it is buttoned or locked properly. If something unexpected happens, the hook makes the helmet not easily took off.