April 3, 2020 Life's too short to drive boring cars

I Ordered a Show Plate for My Husband

I wanted to order some new plates for my husband as a surprise. It was something that he had on his to do list for a while, and it was also one of those things that he was just not getting around to. The plates were not for our regular car, as that one is just fine. I wanted to get him show plates for a car that he has restored, and I was able to get them through https://www.gbshowplates.co.uk. Even though he has not shown the car in any car shows yet, I knew that it was just a matter of time before his work schedule eased up and he would be able to do that.

I wanted him to be ready when that time came, and the only way I could really contribute to that was by ordering the show plates that I knew he wanted. I was not worried about getting something that he would not like because we have such similar tastes. We have even commented on other show plates that we have seen in the past at car shows, and we have always liked and disliked the same ones.

This site was very easy for me to use. It pretty much just walked me through the order process, step by step. It is actually quite intuitive! So anyway, it took me just a few minutes to place the order, and I was happy with the cost of the show plates too. When they arrived, they came with a kit to make it easy for my husband to install. Even though that part looked easy too, and the kit had everything he needed, I decided to leave that part to him. He was just happy when he came home last week and saw the show plates waiting for him!